Disposable Period Panties - Overnight Use
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Our Disposable period underwear combines an overnight pad with period underwear to deliver maximum absorbency and coverage. Perfect for heavy flows, irregular cycles, Overnight and postpartum bleeding, this unscented disposable underwear feels just like your everyday panties yet holds as much as 4 regular pads. Our curve-hugging fit ensures 12-hour comfort and total 360° leak-proof protection.

  • 100%Organic cotton Top Sheet
  • Chlorine free natural wood pulp core
  • Elastics
  • Waterproof Backing

  1. Colored stitching indicates the front
  2. Wear for up to 12 hours
  3. Tear at the side or slip off after use.
  4. Dispose in trash. Do not flush.

Make your days PLEASANT and FUN. Even during PERIODS


UNLEASH your power EMBRACE your flow with


1.How often should I change my Disposable Period Underwear?

You can count on maximum protection and comfort for up to 10 hours with our Disposable Period Underwear

Yes, ZOY Disposable Period Panties are rash free and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Period panties are useful for women with Discomfort in using Sanitary napkins,menstrual cups and other period products.It’s liked by teens, college girls as well as by working women.

We recommend taking measurements of your waist and hips ,since it has elasticity and it stretch from M-XL size.

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